So, you drove past an awesome property or you found a house online and you think you want to check it out. You go ahead and make the call to the listing agent, in this case George, and set up an appointment to check the property out in person. You have never worked with George and you currently are not working with any other agent. Congratulations, you are now George’s customer!

Now, before we get any further, there is a VERY important term you MUST know. This term is agency. Agency means that two people or parties have entered into an agreement that binds them to each other. In a bit, we will explain how this can impact you as a buyer so let’s continue!

customer is simply a person or persons responsible for making a buying decision. A customer means flexibility on your part. You are not tied to a real estate agent and can talk to as many realtors as you need to until you find the one that fits. You have no agency with anyone. You can view as many properties as you want with as many agents as you feel fit.